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Searching for radio production music beds can be a strenuous task for producers of radio, tv and video

production. Well look no further now experience Urban Radio Bedz. Urban Radio Bedz is a music

production library tailored to the needs of today’s radio, tv and video producers. Urban Radio Bedz was

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don’t have to worry about radio or tv production music beds any longer, cause we got your back with

over 500 sizzling titles and 1500 beds to accommodate your stations production needs whether its Hip

Hop, CHR , R&B or Gospel, Urban Radio Bedz is like no other music production library of its kind. Why?

After over two years of research and market analysis of production elements and music beds we found

that most radio and tv producers can only use 40 % percent of the music beds and elements provided to

them through similar services. With Urban Radio Bedz you no longer have to filter through numerous

beds to get the desired music bed for your radio promo or tv commercial. Urban Radio Bedz is the

answer, our library consist of 15 second, 30 second, 60 second beds along with available beats and

remixes to accommodate your every radio or tv production needs.

Here’s the good part our music beds can be used for your local advertiser’s commercials, promo beds

for your stations promotions, background music for videos and the list goes on. As a starter package,

you’ll receive 30 titles with over 100 music beds and updates of 15 titles per month thereof. Check out

the music production library that’s raising eyebrows across the country and soon on your radio or tv