Urban Radio Group LLC is a full-service urban radio and music production service providing urban voice overs and urban audio production to urban, gospel, chr and jazz station. Our specialty is urban voice overs and urban radio imaging. In addition we produce urban and gospel imaging elements such as Cut It Up Gospel and Urban Radio Bedz.

Our radio and music production team consist of urban, hip hop, r&b and gospel music producers with years of experience in the urban radio and gospel radio industry. Our urban and gospel voice over talents can be heard in most major and medium markets across the country thus, giving you cutting edge radio production and a distinct sound for your radio station. We have worked with the top radio networks in the country such as I Heart Media, Radio One, Emmis, Cumulus Media, and Summit Media Corp just to name a few. Our services are strictly barter deal only! Gospel, Christian and Urban radio station be sure to explore Cut It Up Gospel a gospel imaging library with all the elements, production beds and works available to image your station and Urban Radio Bedz with over 1000 production music tracks for your internet station, traditional radio stations or it can used for your TV commercials. With some of the top music producers in the country Urban Radio Bedz is a must for your music production library. Urban Radio Bedz and Cut It Up Gospel are market exclusive. Take advantage of a team of urban voice over talent and music producers that you’ve heard across the country with Urban Radio Group. Creative radio imaging and imaging elements designed for your stations format on a barter deal basis.


Paul Costellano

Al Twitty

Mitch Faulkner

Courtney Boston


Benjamin Burnside 

B Piaz 




Let the us tailor your imaging specifically for your station. We thrive off of knowing we're giving you the best production to drive numbers, and revenue up to make you station, or events the biggest it can be.

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